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Easier to write than Java and SQL

Java and SQL, which covers stored procedures and intermediate tables, are common in preparing data for complex reports. esProc, with simple syntax, can realize cost-effective development.

Optimized reporting architecture

esProc scripts are external files that can be stored along with templates in a file system. You don’t need to package and compile them with the main application program. You can just replace an esProc script with a new one without affecting the main application program because the language is dynamic for interpretation and execution and supports hot switch.

Direct dealing with heterogeneous sources

esProc can directly handle data from NoSQL databases and files for report creation without having to import data into a relational database. This reduces workload, cost and risk of data inconsistency, and simplifies application architecture because it is unnecessary to add relational databases to get more computing power.

Performance increase

esProc introduces a computing engine to solve performance issues caused by the weak computing ability of conventional reporting tools. It is embedded a series of techniques, including cursor-based asynchronous loading, multithreaded retrieval, stepwise control of execution path for SQLs, etc., to easily and effectively tackle performance problems that are commonly seen in builing big data reports, T+0 reports and reports with heterogeneous sources.


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esProc Developer

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